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Advanced Program

  • Are you climbing at a high-level but are unsure how to gain a greater competitive edge through your training? This program is for climbers performing in the top decile, where small improvements in their climbing performance can make a big difference.


    • Evidence-based.
    • Constant support from an Accredited Exercise Scientist.
    • Clear demonstrations provided for all exercises performed on and off the wall, as well as duration, reps, sets, load, tempo and rest periods.
    • Education on key training principles to follow as a rock climber.
    • Track and record your training and performance data through the online training platform.



    Following your purchase, your program will be personalised according to your quiz responses and one of our trainers will be in touch within 24-h to kick-off your program with you.

    Haven’t completed the quiz? Take 30s to complete it here.

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