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Strength and conditioning training is used to improve performance and reduce injury risk in mainstream sports such as rugby and football. However, very few strength and conditioning training options are available for climbers, meaning they miss out on these significant benefits.


Using over a decade of climbing experience and >8 years of working and research in Sport and Exercise Science, Sam has developed a Strength and Conditioning Training Program specific for climbers.


The 12-week online training program is for climbers looking to:

  1. Develop training structure and routine.

  2. Gain a competitive edge with their training.

  3. Deploy evidence-based training systems.

  4. Improve their climbing performance and reduce their risk of injury.

  5. Get access to regular, fun new training sessions.


The 12-week program is $350 and includes:

  • Access to the online training platform.

  • 2-3x/week training sessions (both on and off the climbing wall).

  • Assessments to show your improvements and track progress.

  • Constant support from an accredited exercise scientist.

  • Exercise videos to learn technique. 

  • Education on training and recovery principles


There is a beginner, intermediate and advanced training program, and the only equipment you’ll need access to are:

  • A finger board OR campus board.

  • Dumbbells (at least 2kg each).

  • A pull up bar.

  • A rock-climbing wall (indoors and/or outdoors).


Unsure which program is best for you? Complete the quiz below to find out.

S&C Program quiz

Complete the quiz to find out if the beginner, intermediate or advanced training program is best for you.

strength & conditioning clinic

Learn how to use the gym to improve your climbing performance and reduce your risk of injury. This clinic involves 3 x 60min small group training sessions in the gym where you will:

  • Learn about key training principles.

  • Learn and perform climbing specific exercises in the gym.

  • Receive personalised feedback on the most effective techniques and exercises for you and your goals.

  • Receive a take-home training manual.


Get in touch to hear about upcoming clinics or reach out to have the clinic come to your gym.

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