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Work is often desk-based, sedentary and highly stressful. High stress and low levels of physical activity increase the risk of physical and mental health disorders like depression and heart disease. Consequently, workers with a condition like depression are more likely to:

  • Take sick leave

  • Have lower productivity at work

  • Make a workers compensation claim


Contrast Corporate aims to improve business outcomes by improving the health of workers. It does this by empowering workers with the knowledge and resources to establish a regular exercise routine and develop other healthy behaviours around this.

The program has been developed from the research performed by Sam during his PhD. The results of his clinical trial showed significant improvements in symptoms of depression, body composition, fitness, and productivity in workers.

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Corprate training

our 3 stage approach

  1. A 40min Contrast Corporate Workshop (onsite or online) to learn about the:

    • Health risks at work.

    • Benefits of physical activity.

    • Common barriers and facilitators to exercise and other healthy habits.

    • Simple exercises that workers can perform anywhere, at any time.

  2. An 8-week Fit at Work Program (onsite and/or online)

    • Exercise training for desk-based workers. The evidence-based program enables staff of various abilities and fitness levels to participate. Everyone can get involved.

    • Education on how to eat healthy, quit smoking, reduce alcohol intake, and decrease stress and fatigue.

    • KPI’s reported before and after the program.

  3. An Ongoing Success Program (onsite and/or online). Embed the benefits of the program within the culture of the business:

    • Improved worker health.

    • Increased worker retention.

    • Improved business reputation and goodwill.

    • Improved productivity.

If you’re looking for a program that improves both worker health and business outcomes, please get in touch.


"Highly qualified and very professional"

"Genuine, down to earth, fun and motivational"

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