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Contrast Coaching

one on one training

One on one training provides the professional guidance and motivation to achieve your fitness goals. We pride ourselves on standing out from the generic, crowd-based training that is too often prescribed without catering for individual needs. If you want evidence-based training designed for you, then get in touch.

online training

Our online training allows you to train anywhere, at any time. Training programs, exercises, and health and fitness assessments are individualised and your coach will constantly provide training support and feedback on technique.


Group training is for those looking to train with friends, family, or a partner. It is a great way to keep each other motivated, hold each other accountable and split costs. 


how it works

Training is broken down into 3 components:

  1. A free introductory session. This is a friendly meet and greet, for us to chat about what you would like to get out of training, and to assess your current health status. We would love to meet you (face to face or online), and you have nothing to lose!

  2. Testing sessions (periodically). These are measurements of your goals. They provide a baseline for improvement, and subsequent tracking of your progress.

  3. Exercise training sessions and nutrition guidance catered to your goals, with functionality and long-term adherence as key aims.

  • Personal Training
    Do you have a fitness goal but need motivation and guidance to get there? Are you sick of the general, crowd-based workouts that don’t cater for your individual needs? Make the change happen with evidence-based training designed for you!
  • Group Training
    You’re more likely to exercise if your friends are there! A great way to split costs and stay motivated and connected with your friends. The training style is chosen by the group.
  • Corporate Training
    For corporate teams to keep fit and healthy from home. Weekly 30-40min training sessions targeting the health issues associated with desk-based work. Exercise via: Livestream (Zoom) for fun and social sessions Recording (Vimeo) for the flexibility to train at any time
  • Pricing
    Prices depend on the type and frequency of training and the number of participants. Please contact us for a free quote.

training faq's

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"In such a short time I noticed massive improvements to my body composition, strength, cardio, balance and posture and we continue to build on this."

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1:1 training
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